Webinar: Enbridge Case Study: Best Practices for Capital Planning Excellence

How did Enbridge identify 15% additional value and secure a 30% increase in maintenance capital spend through capital planning excellence? 

Watch this webinar and discover more about the new process, new roles and accountabilities, and value framework that resulted in a mindset shift from Me to We during budget reviews, such that the dialogue went from “I need money for my projects” to “We have a problem. What’s the best decision for our business as a whole".

Learn how Enbridge:

  • Designed their value framework to assess ESG investments alongside other investments critical to achieving financial and non-financial targets
  • Transformed its decision-making processes across all business units and implemented industry best practices in capital planning, driving maximum value against strategic goals.
  • Integrated their asset management, capital planning, and financial systems to streamline operations.
  • Challenged their thinking around capital classification to drive higher value decisions

Experts from Copperleaf and Enbridge discussed the benefits achieved since implementing the Copperleaf Decision Analytics Solution, including:

  • Understanding risk within the asset portfolio and how this will change over time
  • Objective, quantified and monetised business cases
  • The ability to create and rapidly adapt multi-year investment plans
  • Removing silos to enable investment optimisation across functions


Carmen Benoit, Manager, Asset Management Strategy & Planning, Enbridge

Julian Lambert, Senior Sales Director - Middle East and Africa, Copperleaf

About the Author

Copperleaf provides decision analytics to companies managing critical infrastructure. Headquartered in Vancouver, our solutions are distributed and supported by regional staff and partners worldwide.

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