Copperleaf: Value-Based Decision Making

September 11, 2020

All organizations have strategic goals they are trying to meet by making strategic investments. How they decide to allocate their limited budgets and resources is critical to the success of these companies—today and into the future.

Copperleaf's value-based decision-making approach drives organizations to make the right investment decisions and get everyone behind them. In this video, members of the Copperleaf Community—including Anglian Water,  the B.C. Government, Hydro One, National Grid, and PwC—discuss how Copperleaf's Decision Analytics solution helps organizations become more agile in their decision making and align investments with their strategy:

"For Anglian Water and for a lot of companies, we're in a stage where the world is changing around us all the time. Customers expect more, our shareholders expect more, and therefore we have to be dynamic in our decision-making. I think we've got the tool in C55 which allows us to show those opportunities and show how flexible we are in making those decisions.”—Chris Royce, Head of Strategic Investment Management, Anglian Water

“We won’t have people turning handles on spreadsheets. They’ll now be able to think about what’s the best way to spend our money."—Isabelle Haigh, Head of Gas Transformation Programme, National Grid UK

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