Webinar: Value-based Decision Making - A Best Practice of ISO 55000

We acquire and manage assets because of the value they bring to our organisation, and we spend money and time maintaining and sustaining these assets to preserve their ability to deliver value. The ISO 55000 standard underlines the importance of the concept of value, and expects us to measure value in alignment with the strategic objectives of our organisation. Yet many companies struggle with how to define, measure and communicate value.

Watch this webinar to gain insight from asset management experts on this topic.

Our speakers explore:

• Recent work by ISO’s TC251 which manages the ISO 55000 series, and by the Global Forum on Maintenance and Asset Management (GFMAM), to define “value” in the context of asset management

• How organisations may translate these concepts into a practical value framework, which combined with other best practices form the foundation for value-based decision-making in asset management

• How to incorporate value, risk and time into decision-making using a simple yet powerful example – the renewal of a car

Webinar Speakers:
Boudewijn Neijens, CMO, Copperleaf
Erik Helms, CEO, Reliasset

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