Ian Muirhead

Ian is the Director of Product Design at Copperleaf. He is an experienced leader skilled in design thinking, user-centered design, and frontend architecture with a passion for the creation of cohesive design and product experiences.

  • Design Thinking @ Copperleaf

    Design Thinking @ Copperleaf

    Today, we explore how Design Thinking helps Copperleaf focus on the big picture, practice continuous improvement, and ensure we deliver products with an exceptional user experience.

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  • Knapp Time @ Copperleaf

    Knapp Time @ Copperleaf

    On October 15th, Copperleaf™ hosted a Design Sprint masterclass at our Vancouver office. Learn more about the five-day process that aligns stakeholders around a problem and rapidly tests solutions.

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  • Design @ Copperleaf

    Design @ Copperleaf

    At Copperleaf, we believe design is one of the key differentiators that will keep us at the forefront of the enterprise decision analytics solution industry.

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