AIPM: What’s in a Name?

November 6, 2014 Boudewijn Neijens

One of the interesting challenges that comes with marketing innovative solutions into new spaces is the fact that neither the problem nor the solution has a commonly accepted name. For instance, if I frequently need to do complex calculations, I know I should be buying a calculator. If I do a web search for calculators, I will find hundreds of solutions to my problem. This is because everybody agrees on the term “calculator” as the way to solve the problem at hand. Such a wide consensus takes time to build.

In the early stages of the life of a new methodology or solution, prospective customers don’t necessarily know what to call the problem they’re trying to solve, and solution providers need to “invent” a new category to describe their product. In other words: the market needs education and will only gradually converge towards commonly accepted terms to describe new solutions.

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Ever since we began developing our C55 solution we have been struggling with this challenge: what is the generic name of the problem that C55 addresses? We call it Asset Investment Planning and Management, but there is still significant confusion in the market on what AIPM actually means or includes.

The new ISO 55000 standard certainly helps by outlining the need for AIPM-like processes, but is not prescriptive in how to solve the problem, nor does it assign a name to the problem. The Copperleaf team therefore decided to start producing a series of short explanatory videos that will give an overview of AIPM, and details of its different facets.

In these animated “explainer” videos you will discover Cuprum, a fearless Asset Manager who faces many of the challenges encountered by his real-life peers. Using a healthy dose of humor and a cast of characters at times inspired by science fiction classics, this video will help us explain AIPM and position C55 in the market. We invite you to view the first video here. Enjoy!

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Boudewijn Neijens

Boudewijn is the CMO at Copperleaf, a Board Member of the Institute of Asset Management, and Chair of the Canadian committees for the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) on asset management and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) on managing electrotechnical assets.

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