Copperleaf Launches New Value Framework!

November 10, 2016 Stan Coleman

Copperleaf Launches New Value Framework!

We’ve been working with our customers over the past few years to develop the Copperleaf Value Framework across a broad array of industries, including electrical generation, transmission, distribution, gas transmission and distribution, water and wastewater, and government. As we kept expanding the type and number of costs, service measures, KPIs and constraints that were incorporated into those Value Frameworks, we realized we were stretching our existing infrastructure beyond what it was initially designed for.

This led us to undertake the creation of a next-gen infrastructure in C55 that would streamline implementations and be fully extensible to support the growing number of value measures we needed to address. We first unveiled the concept at the Copperleaf AIPM Summit in May, and are excited to announce that it is now released and being used at customer sites!

The requirements of the solution were quite daunting, as we needed to create an infrastructure that was able to:

  • support a value framework in any industry or use case
  • efficiently run optimizations for customers with hundreds of thousands of investments impacting millions of assets!

And we did it! Not only is the Copperleaf Value Framework extensible to meet any customer’s needs, customers have also reported optimization times reduced by up to 50%!

Rather than focus on how it all works, I’d prefer to highlight the benefits to our customers:

  • Service level optimization: The Copperleaf Value Framework can now support any number of service measures and optimization can be constrained based on both minimum and maximum levels for those service measures. (For a discussion of services measures, see my previous blog post on “Incorporating Service Levels Into a Value Framework“).
  • Flexible: The calculations in the Value Framework can be easily modified. As customers mature, they can now make changes to their framework to reflect new priorities or improved methods of evaluating their assets and investments. This includes modifications to weightings, algorithms, and the data referenced by those algorithms.  These changes can be made by customers, our implementation partners or by Copperleaf.
  • Ease of use: The improved user interface and the use of configurable questionnaires makes the evaluation of investments easier than ever.
  • Open: The new architecture allows existing customer risk or benefit models, as well as third-party models, to be imported directly into the Value Framework without requiring special integrations.
  • Proven: The Copperleaf Value Model Library includes an extensive collection of value models that have been proven across a variety of industries. This constantly evolving body of knowledge helps customers streamline their implementation and ensure their value frameworks remain aligned with industry best practices into the future.

Value Model Library | Copperleaf
We’re excited about our new Value Framework infrastructure and look forward to seeing all the creative ways customers will use it to improve their decision making.

For more information, check out my previous post entitled “Why Do You Need A Value Framework” which explains what it is, and the benefits it can bring your organization!

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