Copperleaf Moves Corporate Headquarters to Vancouver

June 7, 2016 Judi Hess

We’ve moved our offices from Burnaby to a new location in the City of Vancouver!

Why? We had outgrown our old space and were busting at the seams. Copperleaf has been growing at a cumulative annual growth rate of 77% for the past 5 years and we just couldn’t stuff any more people in! So we set off to find a new location!

Our move was a collaborative effort from the start, with our entire team having the opportunity to participate in the selection of the new location, and contribute to the conceptual approach and design.

Copperleaf is a company with a special culture—one founded on delivering exceptional value and providing extraordinary experiences to our clients. To be able to deliver on that, we had to ensure that our employee’s voices were heard so that we could create the kind of working environment that fit our values. Place is an important element of culture, as we know from the work of James L. Heskett who was quoted in the Harvard Business Review:

Place—whether geography, architecture or aesthetic design—impacts the values and behaviors of people in a work place.

Ensuring we had places to create, collaborate and innovate were critical to the design. Some of the unique elements include:

  • Weaving our culture into the support structures, and including larger-than-life images of our employees interacting with “copperized” infrastructure on our walls
  • A portal, which connects the café and collaboration spaces to the open work environment and which features those most important to us: our employees and our customers
  • Integrating the reception area with our café to welcome our guests with a cup of java, and a friendly smile
  • Vertically diversified spaces, like the conversation “pit”, to inspire creativity and embrace fun
  • And speaking of fun, we created a games room to sharpen our competitive edge!

Another unique element is the SkyTrain, an elevated light rail transportation link, which whizzes by our windows moving commuters around Metro Vancouver! This constantly reminds us why we are here and working so hard: to empower organizations to make the highest value investment decisions in their infrastructure—to keep cities moving, the lights on, and the water running—safely, sustainably, reliably, and in an environmentally responsible manner. We are building a better world, one decision at a time!

We’re still settling into our new space, but we were able to be extremely productive from the start, serving our clients without interruption, due to the great management and hard work of our team. Check out the 1 minute time lapse video of the construction process and see some the unique features highlighted above. Hope to see you soon to welcome you to our new office!


P.S. Our new address is 2920 Virtual Way, Suite 140, Vancouver, BC, V5M 0C4.

About the Author

Judi Hess

Judi has been the CEO of Copperleaf since 2009. She was recently named one of Canada's Most Admired CEOs, an EY Entrepreneur Of The Year National Winner, and winner of the BC CEO award.

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