Employee Feature: Q&A with Marie Hemingway, Project Manager, Team Europe

April 17, 2018 Copperleaf Marketing

Employee Feature: Q&A with Marie Hemingway, Team Europe

Meet Marie Hemingway, one of the talented project managers on our European team. Marie sat down with us to discuss what she does, her professional journey that led her to Copperleaf™, her favourite things about the company culture, and the perks of working remotely.

What is your role and what do you do? 

I’m a project manager and senior consultant for Copperleaf’s team in Europe! My role is focused on helping our customers improve their strategic investment decision-making processes. Every customer is unique, and we work closely and collaboratively with them to implement Copperleaf’s C55™ Decision Analytics software.

Each day is incredibly varied. On any given project, I may be running workshops to map current state processes and incorporate best practices, coding and testing investment models, delivering training sessions, and anything and everything in between!

Can you tell us about your professional journey that let you to Copperleaf?

My academic background is in physics and engineering, which I thoroughly enjoyed and pursued after graduation. I invested 5 years with a large defence contractor in several technically-focused roles supporting the UK’s nuclear deterrent programme.

I was looking for a position that would offer significant development opportunities within an organization that provided a net positive social impact—Copperleaf was a perfect fit for me in this respect.

Why did you choose Copperleaf? What stood out for you?

There were multiple things that appealed to me. Firstly, as a successful and rapidly expanding company, Copperleaf offered exciting opportunities for growth and innovation. Joining the European team in its infancy was and still is an exciting experience. Secondly, the role uniquely merges a lot of things that I enjoy! I like building strong relationships and working collaboratively with customers to help them achieve their goals, plus I get to work with an innovative, constantly-evolving software solution, which suits my technical background. Finally, and maybe most importantly, my team members are all exceptional (I hoped it might rub off!).

If you had one line to convince someone to join Copperleaf, what would you say? 

"I would say really loudly, 'COME WORK WITH US! YOU WILL HAVE THE BEST TIME!!!"

What is your favourite part about working here?

Definitely working with our customers and being part of their journey to more effective decision making. We engage with customers who have recognized the organizational benefits of improving their strategic investment planning methods, so the teams we work with are ambitious and dedicated to driving positive change within their organization. It’s incredibly inspiring to work alongside colleagues with this mindset and because we’re so invested in their success, it’s rewarding when they begin to realize the benefits of our joint venture.

Venting a gas offtake at one of our customer sites—just another day at work for Marie!

What are some of the projects you’ve been working on?

My primary focus over the last 6 months has been leading the implementation of Copperleaf’s C55 software with one of our gas distribution customers in the UK.

Since we successfully went live with the project, I’ve had the chance to expand my skill set and get involved in various areas from sales, through customer support, and many things in between.

What is the biggest perk of working here?

For me, it’s working remotely. The security restrictions associated with my previous role required me to work from a particular location, between certain hours (very ‘old school’!). Moving to Copperleaf was a refreshing change in culture, with a lot of flexibility—which suits me very well!

How do your team members support you as a remote employee?

We have a really responsive team in Europe, so it’s easy to forget that we don’t work side by side at a desk every day. If I’m in a client meeting and an idea comes up that we want to explore or need input on, I can ping an email off during the session and know there will be a chain of considered responses from the whole team before we wrap up. It’s such a supportive and productive team dynamic!

How would you describe the corporate culture in five words?

"Agile, customer-focused, fun, capable, open."

You mentioned “agile” and “open”, do you feel you have the ability to influence processes and bring forward your ideas to the team? 

Absolutely! If there’s a better way to do things, our team is always open to suggestions and nobody’s opinion is more important than anybody else’s. I feel the company has the viewpoint: hire great people and then trust and empower them to make decisions.

What makes you proud to work for Copperleaf?

Copperleaf helps companies all over the world make the best decisions about where and when to invest in their critical infrastructure. We currently work predominantly within the utilities sector (gas, electricity, and water) and our solution easily extends into transportation, the port/marine industry, mining, telecommunications, information technology, the charitable sector, etc. I’m proud to say that the work we do contributes to the provision of safe, affordable, and sustainable critical services to society now and in the future. That’s why our purpose is: building a better world, one decision at a time.

As one of the fastest-growing software companies in Canada, Copperleaf is always looking for talented individuals to join our team! Check out our current job openings here.


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