Employee Feature: Young Stars of UBC

August 25, 2016 Barry Quart

Employee Feature: Young Stars of UBC

Earlier this year, we launched the Copperleaf New Grad Program to attract top young graduates from local universities to join our fast-growing company and learn from strong mentors as they work their way up.

The New Grad Program includes a training program that gives new team members the chance to experience different jobs in their first year of employment:  from software testing to implementation to pre-sales. This approach gives them exposure to different areas of the company, helps them understand what area(s) they like best, and where their work will contribute the highest value.

We recently hired two UBC graduates, Gabriel Lessard-Kragen and John Robert MacKenzie, to join our Customer Experience team. Both are currently training to become Implementation Consultants where they will specialize in the delivery of Copperleaf’s decision analytics solution to customers around the globe.

Gabriel and John Robert were recently featured as UBC Applied Science (APSC) Rising Stars 2016. Rising Stars are people who are passionate about their chosen field—architecture, landscape architecture, community and regional planning, engineering and nursing—and inspire others by making meaningful contributions to society.

As one of the fastest-growing software companies in Canada, it’s crucial to our success that we attract the best and brightest to join our team. We’re excited to have bright and promising graduates like Gabriel and John Robert join Copperleaf.

Gabriel Lessard-Kragen, BASc ’16, Integrated Engineering

Gabriel Lessard-Kragen, BASc '16, Integrated Engineering

Gabriel chose to pursue an engineering degree, but not an engineering career. He believes there’s an important distinction between the two, where an engineering degree is one of the most flexible and respected around the world. He says “the beauty of my integrated engineering degree is that I had no intentions of working in software when I began at UBC, but five years later I have built a broad enough skill set that this door, which would have otherwise been closed, is now a completely possible option”. Read Gabriel’s full post here.


John Robert MacKenzie, BASc ’16, Integrated Engineering

John Robert MacKenzie, BASc '16, Integrated Engineering

John Robert is excited to work at Copperleaf and says, “working at Copperleaf Technologies has solidified my resolve to do my best to make the world a better place”. He added, “I’ve found that working on the Customer Experience team is an excellent position to make a difference in our world as our primary goal is to help our clients get the most value out of their investments and our product, Copperleaf C55.” Read John’s full post here.

See the full list of the Rising Stars 2016 here.

Speaking of bright students…Copperleaf is currently looking for three talented and motivated software developer co-ops for January 2017. Check out the job posting to learn more!


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