Endeavour Energy Employs Copperleaf’s Analytics to Architect a Sustainable Asset Investment Planning Framework

January 25, 2022 Russell Considine

Endeavour Energy is a power transmission and distribution (T&D) provider, supplying electricity to over 2.5 million people in Australia. The organisation began its implementation of Copperleaf’s decision analytics software suite in early 2020 to address its asset investment planning (AIP) needs. To date, Endeavour Energy has implemented Copperleaf® software applications covering investment planning, portfolio optimisation, asset risk modelling, and predictive analytics.

Along with the recent (2017) sale of management rights to a private consortium, Endeavour is dealing with a complex array of strategic objectives. While this presents a multitude of challenges, the team is always looking for ways to improve and adapt to deliver better outcomes to its customers.

One of my favourite things about working with Endeavour is the genuine partnership that has formed between our organisations. I’m always amazed at how quickly the conversation evolves, which is a true reflection of the team’s collaborative approach. Since the early stages of our journey together, everyone at Endeavour has been incredibly open and clear on what they want to achieve and where their pain points lie.

While the high-level objectives of the implementation were clear from day one, the path to get there was often cloudy. This is where the teamwork between our organisations really shined through. Many conversations started with open-ended questions and  open minds. No options were taken off the table until the full list of pros and cons were considered. While this may seem counterintuitive, drawing upon the collective experience of both teams enabled fast and pragmatic decision making, which helped ensure alignment and drive the project deliverables forward.

At the end of the day, bringing the various people of the organization together to agree on a single framework by which we can steer and make these [asset investment] decisions has been an enormous benefit.


Though COVID travel restrictions and work-from-home directives meant that many meetings were held virtually, the project was delivered successfully. The phased deployment approach resulted in a controlled and absorbable rollout of the Copperleaf solution, allowing departments within Endeavour to reap benefits very quickly. Continuous improvement has been the underlying theme of the implementation and has positioned the team strongly for its upcoming regulatory reset with the Australian Energy Regulator.

Verdantix, an independent research and advisory firm, recently published a case study that describes how the implementation of Copperleaf’s product suite has helped Endeavour:

  • Gain additional investment budget headroom by improving investment effectiveness
  • Quantify and reduce the risk from safety, environmental and community impacts
  • Incorporate tactical considerations on sustainability and ESG to drive strategy and mitigate risks
  • Save thousands of hours analysing risk profiles at the portfolio level
  • Demonstrate continuous improvement and economic benefit to both regulators and customers

I am very much looking forward to the next evolution in Endeavour’s journey and am confident that it will be a success. To learn more, download the case study

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Russell Considine

Russell is the Director of Customer Experience for Copperleaf in Asia Pacific and Japan. With over 15 years of technical sales and consulting experience, Russell is passionate about solving problems, delivering outcomes, and improving processes through innovative solutions. Prior to Copperleaf, he worked at Itron, Dotty Digital and the Australian Energy Market Operator. Russell holds a Bachelor of Engineering from the University of Wollongong.

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