IAM Canada Event in Quebec a Resounding Success

March 9, 2017 Boudewijn Neijens

The francophone asset management community is on fire: hot on the heels of a successful CIFRAMI conference in Paris, we participated in the Institute of Asset Management (IAM) conference in Montréal on February 23. This was the first full-day event organized by the IAM Canada and was an immediate success: 85 asset managers from Québec actively participated in two panel discussions and a series of technical talks.

The panelists represented many of the larger asset owners in the province and gave us fascinating insights into their businesses ranging from real estate management to ports, bridges and utilities. Who knew for instance, that the quality and condition of a university’s campus and facilities can contribute up to 50% of a prospective student’s decision to attend a given university? That means if you’re a university asset manager, you better keep those grounds in tip top shape or you’ll lose future students!

Many of the panelists highlighted challenges that are near and dear to Copperleaf:

  • how to address the province’s aging infrastructure by developing bottom-up, holistic, 10-year asset investment plans
  • how to remove emotions from decision-making in large complex organizations

We teamed up with our friends from Hydro-Québec and Solutions Modex to jointly present answers to these challenges by outlining Transénergie’s capital planning process and systems.

Congratulations to the Québec branch of IAM Canada for organizing such a successful conference. We look forward to future IAM Canada events, starting with monthly webinars co-hosted with IAM USA.

About the Author

Boudewijn Neijens

Boudewijn is the CMO at Copperleaf, a Board Member of the Institute of Asset Management, and Chair of the Canadian committees for the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) on asset management and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) on managing electrotechnical assets.

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