Interview: Judi Hess on the Future of Asset Management in Canada

July 20, 2017 Copperleaf Marketing

Feature Interview: Asset-intensive Industries Need to Undergo a Transformation in Perspective

What is the future of asset management in Canada? Copperleaf’s CEO Judi Hess sat down with to discuss how the Canadian tech sector is growing and how asset-intensive industries are innovating.

In her interview, Judi spoke about:

  • the vitality of the Canadian tech sector
  • the strategic role of asset management
  • how global trends such as climate change, globalization, and digitization are impacting organizations
  • how machine learning and AI can augment systems

When asked about asset management in resource sectors such as forestry, oil and gas, mining, and agriculture, she commented:

When we look at asset management, we are focused on helping organizations make ‘value-based decisions’, as we call them at Copperleaf; value-based investments that deliver not just the financial bottom line but also ‘the new bottom line’, which is even more than the triple bottom line. This encompasses anything that the organization believes delivers value. This approach has to be flexible, it has to focus the whole organization on generating and creating value, and it really has to be all encompassing, especially in asset-intensive organizations.

Judi also shared her vision for the future of asset-intensive industries:

I think asset-intensive industries need to change; they need to undergo a transformation in perspective, and it is very important that they do so because the types of companies and organizations that support infrastructure are propelling the GDP of the countries they are residing in. Investments in infrastructure benefit our economy and strengthen our ability to compete in the world.

Today, these industries are very conservative; they are very risk averse and, in general, they are slower moving. This could stem from the fact that their decisions carry much weight and make big impacts on the countries they operate in. But I think they need to transition to become more agile. It is a shift that is occurring but that must pick up pace. It is a new world and asset-intensive industries need to transform, be more agile, open and receptive to new technologies and new ideas, and move more rapidly to those ideas where the risk of transitioning is appropriately assessed.

You can read the full interview here.


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Copperleaf provides decision analytics to companies managing critical infrastructure. Headquartered in Vancouver, our solutions are distributed and supported by regional staff and partners worldwide.

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