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July 17, 2018 Copperleaf Marketing

Introducing the Algorhythms | Copperleaf Asset Management

As Copperleaf grows as a company, it’s really exciting to see the wide range of initiatives employees take on that support our culture and atmosphere of creativity, balance, and fun. A recent example of this is the Algorhythms, Copperleaf’s very own Acappella group. Formed by a group of employees earlier this year, the Algorhythms had their first (but certainly not last!) performance a few weeks ago, where they dazzled the company with renditions of Pentatonix’s Run to You and a mashup of  Clean Bandit’s Rather Be and Real Love.

Members of the Algorhythms recently sat down with us to share what inspired them to form the group, how they prepared for their performances, and how the group contributes to Copperleaf’s culture.

Janet Chen (Co-founder and Former Software Development Co-op)

Where did the inspiration to form the Algorhythms come from?

I have always loved singing and acappella, especially having been a member of the UBC acappella for 3 years now. Singing in an acappella group or choir is lots of fun, as we learn how to sing, blend, and perform within a group and get people together to improve and learn. Think of rehearsals as iterative prototyping – as a group, we (hopefully) become better each time.

How much preparation did you have before your performance?

A couple of months! Our group generally met up weekly after work, even though we also met up occasionally to practice at lunch. While we didn’t spend as much time rehearsing as most groups do, I feel we really came together in the end.

What has been the biggest highlight of the group so far?

Being asked by the British Columbia Lottery Corporation to be in their lottery winner announcement video. We didn’t actually get to be in the video but I thought it was so nice and funny that they asked us to sing in it.

Rohit Joseph (QA Analyst Co-op)

How would you describe your experience being a member of the Algorhythms?

It has been a fun and unique challenge. In my previous choir experience, I always had a conductor provide guidance and instruction. Practicing with the Algorhythms was a lot more collaborative because we had to help each other and learn from one another. It felt like a team effort throughout the entire process.

Why did you join the Algorhythms?

I thought it would be a fun way to meet and get to know people at Copperleaf, and to share a unique experience with the individuals in the group doing something I enjoy – singing!

What advice would you would give to someone who says they can’t sing?

Everyone can sing! Like most things in life, with time, practice, and patience you can learn to sing. Our group is perfect for someone who says they can’t sing, as we take the time to work together and we improve as a group. It helps create a feeling of progress and growth within the group when we all improve together.

Anita Tse (Co-founder and DevOps Engineering Co-op)

How does the acappella group fit within the Copperleaf culture?

Two of the principles of Copperleaf’s culture are to “Be Open” and “Embrace Fun”. Getting involved in the Algorhythyms seemed like a great way to do both and try something new. In the beginning, it was clear that most of us had never sung in a group and were riddled with nerves and self-consciousness. The song choice was also very different from what we listen to and wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea. However, we decided to stick with it and work together since acappella is a group effort!

What does the future look like for the Algorhythms?

We are recruiting new singers for our next “season”! We have already welcomed four new members to the group and are aiming to perform a few new songs at the development team meeting at the end of August. Our hope is that we have struck an interest with others at Copperleaf to join our group and to be able to start a new company tradition!

Copperleaf is always looking for talented individuals to join our team and contribute to our culture! Check out our current job openings here.

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