Investment Planning of the Future: London Breakfast Meeting Recap

June 29, 2016 Stefan Sadnicki

Investment Planning of the Future: London Breakfast Meeting Recap | Copperleaf

As Britain woke up to a political hangover last Friday, Copperleaf dove in to lift spirits with coffee and sandwiches for senior asset management executives from across a range of industries. The topic of the meeting was Investment Planning of the Future—and indeed, the future did seem quite uncertain as the pound plummeted and David Cameron gave his resignation speech from Downing Street, just around the corner from our event at the Institute of Mechanical Engineers in London.

With helicopters circling and convoys rushing around Hyde Park outside our window, Judi Hess, Copperleaf CEO, got us started with a short presentation on Copperleaf’s purpose: building a better world, one decision at a time. Understand the Value | Copperleaf

When our clients make decisions about their business, they’re making decisions that affect quality of life for millions of customers. It’s therefore essential that organisations align asset and investment needs with strategic objectives and develop value frameworks that monetise both tangible and intangible benefits and risk mitigation. With these calculation methods established, Copperleaf can support our clients in making evidence-based decisions to eschew the emotional drivers that wreak chaos in both political and asset management spheres.

Next, Chris Royce, Strategic Investment Manager, described his company’s asset management challenges over their 15-year journey. Having led the way in the UK water industry, he described how they wanted to be at the forefront of investment planning practice by developing a continuous planning and management process that provides greater visibility into the investment plan and greater stability for decision makers and the supply chain.

Cost Benefits of Changing World | Copperleaf

Even though his company is a relatively mature organisation (having implemented enterprise-wide investment optimisation in 2006), they don’t want to stand still. Their certification process for ISO 55000 and work with the Copperleaf team have provided opportunities to take a hard look in the mirror and continuously improve.

After a coffee refill, the roundtable discussion tackled a number of interesting topics including:

  • The people side of investment planning: getting engagement across the organisation and developing the right capability to support new processes
  • Optimising to regulatory commitments and how this will get more challenging in the future (e.g. achieving dynamic upper quartile performance)
  • Uncertainty in future planning scenarios such as climate change or, the topic of the morning, potential Brexit changes (e.g. what happens to the EU Water Framework Directive?)

It was interesting to hear different examples from the water, gas and electricity sectors here in the UK and compare these experiences with those of Copperleaf’s clients in North America and Australia. With limited time and pastry supplies dwindling, it was clear that we weren’t going to solve the ever-increasing challenges of planning for an uncertain future in one morning. What was certain is that we would return to our respective organisations with lots to think about.

Would you like to become more involved in Copperleaf’s community of asset management thought leaders? If so, please get in touch. We look forward to holding similar events in the future.


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