The Adventures of Coop & C55 (Episode #4): Manage Performance to Continuously Improve

September 6, 2017 Barry Quart

Master Yoda once said “Difficult to see. Always in motion is the future…” Managing plans to sustain the intergalactic infrastructure can be challenging as the future never unfolds as expected.  Like a Jedi knight, asset managers need to quickly adapt to changes and focus their resources (the Force) on doing the right things at the right time.

In this next installment of the adventures of Coop and C55, Coop is faced with a big problem. Late equipment is causing delays, crews are being drawn away to other more urgent tasks, and projects are over budget. His perfectly optimized plan isn’t going quite as expected. See how C55’s performance management helps him get a handle on what’s happening and quickly adapt the plan. With C55’s performance management module, Coop is able to understand where there are variances from the original plan, adapt to those changes and come up with a new plan that keeps them focused on the projects that will deliver the most value. Watch to see how C55 saves the day yet again!

Did you miss Coop & C55’s earlier adventures? Check them out here:


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Barry Quart

Barry has 30+ years experience in the development, implementation, and marketing of complex software systems. He is currently VP Marketing for Copperleaf.

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