The Adventures of Coop & C55 (Episode #5): Predict Long-term Needs to Manage Risk

December 11, 2018 Barry Quart

Gandhi once said, “The future depends on what you do today.” Nowhere is this more true than in the world of asset management.

In this next installment of the adventures of Coop and C55, Coop gets a glimpse into the future and he is shocked by what he sees. Equipment is failing at unprecedented levels, and they don’t have the crews or funds to keep the galaxy safe! See how C55’s powerful Predictive Analytics helps Coop understand the upcoming threats to the galactic infrastructure and build a plan that allows him to proactively address those threats before they become insurmountable.

With C55’s Predictive Analytics module, Coop is able to understand the optimal time to intervene on the assets to keep everyone safe, and build a long term plan into the future that keeps risks at acceptable levels and ensures the safety of the galaxy far into the future.  Watch to see how C55 (and her future self) along with Neutron and the space pups saves the day yet again!

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