Women in Tech – Leadership Lessons from Judi Hess

April 30, 2019 Copperleaf Marketing

Copperleaf™ CEO Judi Hess joined Maria Pacella, Senior VP, Private Equity and Portfolio Manager of PenderFund, on a recent podcast to talk about her experience rising through the ranks of the tech world—including her fight for equal pay, her role models throughout the years, and the importance of a lifetime of continuous learning.

A pioneer for women in leadership and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) fields, Judi is passionate about increasing diversity and equality in the workplace and beyond.

“I’m really drawn to people who are eloquent, know how to use words powerfully, and are in situations of adversity,” commented Judi about writer and activist, James Baldwin, one of her role models. “One of the things he said that has really struck me is, ‘we are formed by what we see’, and I think that’s so powerful for women and other disadvantaged people to hear.”

Listen in to hear Judi discuss on a variety of topics, including:

  • Her first job out of school, negotiating for equal pay, and her first leadership position
  • Her role models and why they inspire her
  • The one thing she vowed never to do
  • The challenge of raising funds to get Copperleaf off the ground
  • How Copperleaf empowers its people and fosters the leaders of tomorrow
  • Her view on the barriers for women in leadership today
  • The one word she would use to describe herself
  • The advice she has for women in business and leadership positions:

“When you’re offered a leadership position, say, ‘Yes!'”

The full podcast and transcript of the interview are available on the PenderFund Capital Management website here.

Check out our Women in Asset Management blog series here.


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