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  • Copperleaf Asset Investment Planning & Management

    Copperleaf Asset Investment Planning & Management

    Making decisions is hard. Understanding value changes everything. We're fundamentally transforming how organizations define and deliver value.

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  • Copperleaf Rapid Scenario Planning

    Copperleaf Rapid Scenario Planning

    The Copperleaf Rapid Scenario Planning solution is designed specifically to provide agility and transparency to organizations and help them keep pace with rapidly changing business realities.

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  • C55 Investment Lifecycle Management

    C55 Investment Lifecycle Management

    The Copperleaf C55 Investment Lifecycle Management solution streamlines the process of developing, approving, and managing investments through their full lifecycle.

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  • Copperleaf Value

    Copperleaf Value

    Organizations are striving to make better decisions about where and when to invest in their businesses to maximize value and achieve their strategic objectives.

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  • Copperleaf Integrity Management

    Copperleaf Integrity Management

    The Copperleaf Integrity Management solution, powered by JANA's risk models, helps you identify and manage risk effectively, and create and implement an optimal integrity management strategy.

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  • Copperleaf Consulting Services

    Copperleaf Consulting Services

    Copperleaf has been helping clients successfully implement industry-leading investment planning methods for two decades. Learn how our consultants can help optimize your investment strategies.

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  • C55 Investment Decision Optimization

    C55 Investment Decision Optimization

    The C55 Investment Decision Optimization solution can help you identify the optimal combination of investments and timing that respect all constraints, and deliver the greatest value to your business.

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  • Copperleaf Decision Analytics

    Copperleaf Decision Analytics

    The C55 Decision Analytics solution from Copperleaf is designed from the ground up to improve the decision-making and investment planning processes in asset-intensive organizations.

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  • C55 Modules & Options

    C55 Modules & Options

    C55 is a highly modular and configurable enterprise software solution that can integrate seamlessly into the fabric of your IT environment. Regardless of which configuration is chosen initially, addit

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  • C55 Predictive Analytics

    C55 Predictive Analytics

    The C55 Predictive Analytics empowers companies to understand their asset sustainment needs over the long term and create an investment strategy that maximizes business value while managing risk.

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  • Decision Analytics for Water Utilities

    Decision Analytics for Water Utilities

    Water utilities today are facing unprecedented challenges related to the stewardship of aging infrastructure. Copperleaf has an important role in helping water utilities navigate these challenges.

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  • Decision Analytics for Electric Utilities

    Decision Analytics for Electric Utilities

    Electric utilities are facing profound changes that are challenging the traditional business models upon which these companies were built. Learn how Copperleaf can help navigate these challenges.

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