Case Study: Streamlining Asset Management Decisions at National Grid Gas

October 8, 2019 Copperleaf Marketing

National Grid Partners (NGP), the venture capital and innovation arm of National Grid, recently published a case study that describes how the Copperleaf™ C55 Decision Analytics solution helps National Grid make smarter and safer investment decisions to maximize the performance of its gas network. National Grid manages billions of dollars of natural gas infrastructure, including over 7,500 kilometers of high-pressure gas pipe in the UK and gas distribution networks that serve 3.6 million customers in the northeastern US.

National Grid initially selected C55™ for its gas distribution business in the US, and has since expanded the implementation of C55 across several lines of business in both the US and the UK. According to Tom Bennett, Vice President of Gas Asset Management and System Planning at National Grid, “We recognized early on the need for a solution that would provide us with a single view of our entire portfolio of asset investment needs.”

C55 supports our continued improvement as an asset manager, enabling us to draw on best practices in complying with the ISO 55000 asset management standard.

Isabelle Haigh

Head of Gas Transformation Program, National Grid UK

National Grid | Case Study | CopperleafC55 supports both strategic asset investment planning and portfolio optimization at National Grid. It will allow National Grid to map investments onto a single platform, where they can be optimized to maximize value while respecting a myriad of strategic and operational constraints. “We have been working with Copperleaf to embed the C55 platform in UK Gas Transmission,” says Isabelle Haigh, head of National Grid’s UK Gas Transformation Program. “C55 supports our continued improvement as an asset manager, enabling us to draw on best practices in complying with the ISO 55000 asset management standard.”

The C55 platform is also expected to improve National Grid’s ability to anticipate and manage risks, and direct resources more effectively.

Read the case study to learn more about streamlining asset management decisions on the National Grid Partners site here.



A growing number of companies are turning to Copperleaf’s decision analytics software to help them decide where and when to invest in their businesses to improve capital efficiency, manage risk, and improve shareholder value. To learn more about the benefits of decision analytics, please download our ebook.


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