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Webinar: From Aspirational to Operational: Meeting ESG, Net Zero and Business Goals

To fulfill Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) commitments, and to achieve ambitious net zero goals, utilities must have a comprehensive ESG strategy and embed ESG considerations into all decisions — especially capital investment decisions. Knowing which ESG investments to pursue and when to execute them, alongside business-as-usual (BAU) activities to maintain reliability, safety, and affordability, adds a layer of complexity that many utilities are struggling to navigate.

Utilities are already making ESG planning decisions today—but often without a transparent, data-driven framework that compares all investment options on equal footing across a diverse project portfolio.

Advanced decision analytics software can help utilities develop an agile and more capital-efficient ESG investment strategy and ensure investment plans support their objectives, including financial, net-zero, ESG, risk mitigation, KPIs, and other targets.

In this webinar, Tom Wasik, Vice President of Asset Management at Alectra Utilities; Andrea Roszell, Canadian Market Lead, Energy, Sustainability & Infrastructure at Guidehouse; and Dawen Nozdryn-Plotnicki, Managing Director, Americas at Copperleaf, explored how utilities with ambitious ESG and net-zero commitments can:  

  • Expand their definition of value
  • Embed the expanded definition of value into all decisions
  • Demonstrate the highest-value plan
  • Communicate that value to a broad range of constituencies


About the Author

Copperleaf provides decision analytics to companies managing critical infrastructure. Headquartered in Vancouver, our solutions are distributed and supported by regional staff and partners worldwide.

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