The Adventures of Coop & C55 (Episode #5): Predict Long-term Needs to Manage Risk

Many asset-intensive organizations struggle to forecast long-term sustainment needs across a diverse asset base. The Copperleaf™ C55 Predictive Analytics module empowers companies to understand their asset sustainment needs over the long term and create an investment strategy that maximizes business value while proactively managing risk.

In the last episode, Coop’s perfectly optimized plan was ruined by some unexpected events. With the help of C55™, he examined the variances and managed performance to continuously improve, resulting in a re-optimized plan that appeased all his stakeholders.

In this episode, C55 takes Coop on a time travelling journey into the disastrous future where multiple assets are rapidly breaking down. C55 gives Coop Predictive Analytics to take back to the past so that he can calculate the optimal intervention dates to avoid these future asset failures. Join them on their journey to discover how Predictive Analytics can help develop a long-term plan that manages risk, maximizes value, and includes the full asset lifecycle costs, in order to keep the galaxy safe!

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The Adventures of Coop & C55 (Episode #4): Manage Performance to Continuously Improve
The Adventures of Coop & C55 (Episode #4): Manage Performance to Continuously Improve

In this episode, some unexpected events are impacting Coop's perfectly optimized plan. Join him and C55 on ...

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