Driving Sustainability with Copperleaf Decision Analytics

The question always arises; can you deliver high performance as an organization and drive sustainability as well? Are these concepts at odds with one another, or are they inextricably linked? Copperleaf believes there is a better way to answer this question. It comes down to “what does the organization really value?” Some say: “What gets measured, gets done.” Copperleaf™ says: “What gets valued, gets realized.”

Copperleaf helps organizations make informed decisions by quantifying value in terms of how every initiative drives the attainment of strategic goals. The Copperleaf Value Framework (CVF) uses a comprehensive set of quantitative measurements to evaluate the impacts of proposed investments and portfolios on sustainability. This is in conjunction with traditional financial measurements. The CVF captures the overall strategic management decision criteria for an organization, or put simply, defines “what an organization values” beyond just the financial objectives. It encompasses factors related to service levels, risk categories, benefits, and financial impacts—including factors influencing stewardship and sustainability.

Download this white paper to learn more about the following topics:

  • Creating a sustainability framework
  • Including sustainability impacts in making trade-off decisions
  • Finding the economics in sustainability
  • The sustainability framework in practice
  • Sustainability models in the Copperleaf Value Model Library

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