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eBook: The Benefits of Copperleaf Decision Analytics

Copperleaf has been helping asset-intensive organizations successfully implement industry-leading investment planning methods for two decades. We often get asked, ‘what is the ROI of improving our capability?’ or ‘how can I build a business case to justify the required investment?’ After all, in a value-based decision-making world, all projects should be justified based on the value they bring to the organization.

Through client studies and independent research, we have collected a robust data set to understand the benefits that can be achieved from improving Asset Investment Planning & Management (AIPM) processes. These are typically a combination of tangible and intangible benefits, and not every benefit is applicable to every organization. The benefits are grouped into seven key areas:

  1. Process efficiencies
  2. Cost savings & avoidance
  3. Enhanced risk management
  4. Enhanced investment evaluation
  5. Enhanced portfolio evaluation
  6. Enhanced portfolio delivery
  7. Improved outcomes

Please download this eBook to learn more about these benefits and determine which ones are most important to your organization.

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