The Adventures of Coop & C55 (Episode #3): Make Optimal Investment Decisions

The ISO 55000 asset management standard says assets exist to generate value for the organization and its stakeholders. But making the best decisions to maximize this value, with limited resources, is an elusive goal for many organizations. Optimization can help you identify the highest-value portfolio of investments, while respecting all funding, resource and timing constraints.

In part 2 of this series, C55 used her unique Value Framework to evaluate all of the diverse projects and determine which ones will deliver the greatest value to the galaxy!

But in episode 3, our hero Coop is faced with yet another challenge: there aren’t enough resources to do it all! Plus, there are different ways to accomplish each project, and various ways to schedule them! How will Coop choose the best combination of projects and timing that fit within his budget?

Find out how C55's powerful optimization capability helps him evaluate the vast number of possible combinations, and identify the highest-value investment plan—at hyperspeed!

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