Webinar: Asset Investment Planning at NGN: Ramping up for RIIO-2 Delivery

October 19, 2020

Northern Gas Networks (NGN) plans total expenditure of over £1bn for the forthcoming RIIO-2 regulatory period in its network of 37,000km of gas pipelines and associated infrastructure. Given the significant changes underway in the UK energy sector and the drive towards net-zero, the ongoing challenge for NGN is knowing how best to invest in its infrastructure to reduce risk and meet customer and stakeholder needs.

NGN and Copperleaf have been working together since 2016. Watch this webinar to hear how:

  • NGN uses Copperleaf C55 to automate their Network Asset Risk Measures (NARMs) in support of annual reporting to OFGEM
  • NGN used Copperleaf C55 to develop their 5-year regulatory submission for RIIO-2
  • NGN will be expanding the use of C55 to support the delivery of their ambitious RIIO-2 plan, including:  
    • Geographic bundling of tier 2 mains replacements to identify the highest value cross asset projects
    • Automating CBA analysis across the whole investment portfolio (repex, regulatory, capital growth and sustainment projects)
    • Enabling Project and Portfolio Optimisation that considers delivery options, maximises value and outperforms regulatory targets in RIIO-2


Download this whitepaper to learn more about delivering value in the UK energy sector, including: 

  • How utilities can ensure they develop innovative and cost-effective investment plans that are fully justified and evidenced
  • The top 5 things that UK gas operators can do to ensure success in the next planning cycle and beyond




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