Copperleaf Grand Opening Celebration

Copperleaf moved to a new office in May 2016, and hosted a grand opening party to celebrate this important milestone. An office inauguration requires some form of ribbon-cutting of course. But considering that most of our customers manage billions in infrastructure assets, we decided to forego the traditional ribbon and cut something a bit more substantial. We toyed with the idea of high voltage transmission lines (assuming we could first locate the switch to deactivate the line), or high-pressure gas mains, and finally settled for a relatively safe and conveniently copper-coloured water pipe. Needless to say, a conventional pair of scissors was not going to do the job. Watch the video to discover the highly unorthodox technique used by Amrik Virk, Minister of Technology, Innovation and Citizens’ Services to cut the pipe! The video also shows the most important component of our building: its occupants, having fun and visibly proud of their new work environment. We moved in eight weeks ago and it’s been fascinating to see how the Copperleaf team has adopted the new space and its many cool features. In other words and stealing a page from the asset management best practices guide: our new offices have clearly become an asset that is delivering value to all its stakeholders!

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Why Work At Copperleaf?

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