White Paper: Decision Analytics for Water Utilities

Driving Capital Efficiency in an Evolving Industry

Over the past century, the water industry has steadily increased its technical and business proficiency, while improving public health and protecting the environment. However, water utilities today are facing unprecedented challenges related to the stewardship of this robust yet aging infrastructure. Renewal and replacement of water and wastewater assets are key concerns, yet budgetary constraints and limited public support for rate increases are making it increasingly challenging for utilities to continue to meet service level targets and minimize disruptions.

Copperleaf has a significant role to play in helping water utilities successfully navigate these challenges. We can help your organization develop, and successfully adopt, a more effective planning process to:

  • align decision making to your evolving strategic objectives
  • develop investment strategies to achieve those objectives
  • deliver capital efficiency to your organization, customers, and stakeholders in the broader community
  • rapidly respond to changes as they occur
  • become a learning organization focused on continuous improvement

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